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Richard Denney

As President of Peachtree Mechanical Inc. for over three decades, Richard Denney is at the helm of the company, guiding its daily operations and long-term ...

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Preston Denney
Vice President

Serving as Vice President at Peachtree Mechanical, Inc., Preston Denney brings over twenty-five years of diverse experience to the role. His wide-ranging expertise ....

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Melanie Haas

With over 25 years of unwavering dedication to our organization, Melanie Haas stands as a testament to Peachtree's financial stability and excellence...

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James “Jim” Kosko
Sr. Project Manager/Director of Construction Management

James “Jim” Kosko serves as the Senior Project Manager and Director of Construction Management for Peachtree Mechanical, Inc., specializing in Estimating....

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Bill Byrd
Senior Project Manager/Director of Business Development for Georgia Division

Serving as a Senior Project Manager and Director of Business Development for the Georgia Division at Peachtree Mechanical...

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Jerry H West
Senior Project Manager/Director of Business Development for Florida Division

Jerry H West, with nearly two years on the Peachtree Mechanical team, holds the significant position of Senior Project Manager and Director of Business ....

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Aladdin Koja
Project Manager

Aladdin Koja serves as a Project Manager & Quality Control Manager at Peachtree Mechanical, Inc. With over 5 years of hands-on experience in the construction .....

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Megan Jean-Paul
Finance Manager

As Finance Manager, Megan collaborates with the cross-functional teams at Peachtree Mechanical, Inc., including project managers, operations, and upper management to ensure accurate ...

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Myra Hill
Construction Administrator

As Construction Administrator, Myra Hill works on the front line of the Finance department. Ensuring the integrity of contract sand purchase orders ...

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