Myra Hill

Construction Administrator

Role and Responsibilities

As Construction Administrator, Myra Hill works on the front line of the Finance department. Ensuring the integrity of contract sand purchase orders with incoming pay apps and invoices while complying with insurance for federal/state regulations. Her compliance with project wage reporting and lien waivers assists with timely receivables and payables.

Establishing relationships with vendors allows Peachtree Mechanical to further its mission of growth which every team member is committed to achieving. Professionally providing support to the internal team and external vendors, her role progresses Peachtree Mechanical’s vision of excellence.

Professional Associations

Expertise and Experience

Myra brings over 10 years of financial experience that includes for-profit, non-profit, and state organizations with an MBA in Strategic Leadership and Development. In the years she has been with Peachtree Mechanical, she has implemented new systems and improved current systems for accounting while continually striving for higher professional standards.