Jerry H West

Senior Project Manager/Director of Business Development for Florida Division

Role and Responsibilities

Jerry H West, with nearly two years on the Peachtree Mechanical team, holds the significant position of Senior Project Manager and Director of Business Development for the Florida Division. With an impressive career spanning 39 years in the construction industry, Jerry oversees various aspects of construction projects, including planning, execution, monitoring, quality assurance, and adherence to deadlines and budgets.

As a Senior Manager, he plays a critical role in reading and interpreting blueprints, understanding specifications, and ensuring compliance with local codes. His responsibilities further encompass contract negotiation and management, resource optimization, materials handling, and maintaining seamless communication with owners, architects, and engineers. Jerry's directorial role also includes spearheading business development initiatives in the Florida region, aligning with Peachtree Mechanical's growth strategies.

Professional Associations

Expertise and Experience

Jerry's performance-driven approach has led to comprehensive achievements across various construction disciplines. His in-depth knowledge of contracts, mastery in managing materials, and ability to maximize resources and manpower make him an industry veteran. His unparalleled understanding of construction processes, coupled with excellent communication skills, contributes to the realization of projects that adhere to the highest quality standards.

His leadership in utilizing modern tools like Estimation & Fast-Pipe Software, On-Screen Takeoff, MC2 Software, Procore, BIM360, Smartsheet, and more, reflects Peachtree's commitment to leveraging technology for efficient and precise construction management.

Jerry's vast experience and multi-faceted expertise align with Peachtree Mechanical's ethos of excellence, precision, and commitment. His leadership in the Florida Division signifies the company's growth and reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Jerry's robust professional background encapsulates the Peachtree promise of delivering dreams and bringing visions to life for its clients. His work continues to be a shining example of the southern hospitality that sets Peachtree Mechanical apart in the competitive construction landscape.