Richard Denney


Role and Responsibilities

As President of Peachtree Mechanical Inc. for over 35 years, Richard Denney is at the helm of the company, guiding its daily operations and long-term vision. His leadership encompasses not just the oversight of day-to-day tasks but extends to the broader growth and expansion of the business.

Since 1988 Richard has been working closely with owners, agencies, institutions, and other businesses, Richard ensures prosperous outcomes for all of Peachtree Mechanical’s affairs. His responsibilities include performing field analysis, observing all projects, reviewing and enforcing project schedules and budgets, and assisting in overall project analysis. His goal is to present all parties involved with a professional, polished result that reflects the commitment to excellence and precision that defines Peachtree.

Professional Associations

  • Plumbers, Steamfitters, and HVAC Service Technicians Local 72, Atlanta, GA
  • Mechanical Contractors of America, Atlanta Chapter

Expertise and Experience

His credentials, coupled with over 35 years at the forefront of Peachtree Mechanical, showcase Richard's unmatched expertise and dedication. His leadership embodies the company's core values, reflecting a lifelong commitment to fostering growth, delivering quality, and upholding the highest professional standards.