James “Jim” Kosko

Sr. Project Manager/Director of Construction Management

Role and Responsibilities

James “Jim” Kosko serves as the Sr. Project Manager/Director of Construction Management for Peachtree Mechanical, Inc., specializing in Estimating, and Construction Management. His leadership role extends from the development and nurturing of the team's approach to all aspects of construction to providing vital direction and assistance to other team members. Jim's responsibilities include estimating, initiating, executing, and closing out multiple ongoing projects, all while assuring maximum efficiency and schedule optimization.

Guided by the company president, Jim's proven track record in commercial and industrial construction, makes him a pivotal figure in Peachtree's success. His understanding of Project Initiation, Planning, Execution, Cost Control & Performance Monitoring, Quality Evaluation, and Closeout ensures that every project is handled with precision and professionalism.

Professional Associations

Expertise and Experience

Jim's robust background in the field is reinforced by a comprehensive education and an array of certifications that highlight his commitment to safety, quality, and excellence:

Jim's blend of strong technical skills, leadership abilities, and deep industry knowledge positions him as an invaluable asset to the Peachtree Mechanical team. His emphasis on collaboration and efficiency resonates with the company's values, contributing to Peachtree's reputation for delivering results with excellence, precision, and a touch of southern hospitality.